rena del pieve gobbi experimental film + photography


This is a sample loop of the film images, contact for screenings.

Hand painted film depicting violent sexual assault through the closed eyes of the victim. Taking the memory of the worst eight hours out of her life and spending 11 months distilling them into four minutes of abstract images, which delve into the psychological response to terror. Insurrection explores the aspect of synesthesia in abstract film
  • insurrection Played In Competition at ;
  • World Animation Celebration, California 2001
  • Anima Mundi Festival, Rio de Janerio 2001
  • Kind of Blue Jazz Film Festival, Milan 2001
  • "Images" Independent Film Festival, Toronto 2001
  • Denver's Jazz on Film Festival` 2001
  • Black Maria Film Festival (Directors 3rd Prize) 2001
  • Kiev "Molodist" Animation Festival 2001
  • Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2000
  • Ottawa International Animation Festival 2000
  • Hamburg Kurtzfilm Festival 2000
  • North West Film Festival 2000
  • Portland International Film Festival 2000
  • Vancouver International Film Festival 1999
  • Vancouver animation and Effects Festival 1999